The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Lander office released a short statement Friday in their annual news release regarding Popo Agie fuel leak and how it’s affecting area-wildlife including fish and waterfowl.

So far, no major effects to fish in the Middle Fork Popo Agie River after gas was discovered to be leaking into the River on April 2, 2019. Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel waded the river on April 3 and April 8. Many live fish were observed swimming in the areas near the leak. In addition, waterfowl were observed swimming in the river and a large midge hatch was seen on site as well. No dead animals have been observed or reported.

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Earlier this week, EPA and DEQ crews began putting a concrete cut-off wall in place on a Popo Agie bank. The reported leak is likely coming from an area adjacent to the Maverik gas station near Main and First Street in downtown Lander. The Barney Pathway and pedestrian bridge remain closed while work continues.