Polly Hinds shares statement following General Election

Fremont County Commissioner District 5 candidate Polly Hinds released a statement following the unofficial results for the seat. Her full statement is shared below.

What an amazing adventure this campaign has been for me. Thank you to my partner Lynda who has had my back for 42 years and to my friend Alicia Crofts who walked the hot election road on my behalf. Thank you to Mary and Rod Haper and Carol and Ron Smith and Jaz McDonald, Bruce and Peg Palmer, and Marjane Ambler. I am so grateful for all the support and warmth that Fremont County has shown towards me over the last three months.

I have learned so much and have a much greater appreciation for how hard our county governments work for us.


Visiting with Fremont County voters in their yards and homes and pastures has been a joy.

We have a fantastic storehouse of intellect, vigor and spirit in our County just waiting to be tapped.

I look forward to getting together with all sorts of folks to help Fremont County prosper. We have a whole world of opportunities ahead of us and I cannot wait to move towards them.

Congratulations to every voter in Fremont County who followed their hearts and minds and voted with wisdom and thoughtfulness.

It is an honor to live in the middle of it in Fremont County Wyoming!


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