Polly Hinds announces write-in bid for Fremont County Commissioner Dist. 5

    Today, August 11th, Polly Hinds of Sweetwater Station announced her intention to win a place on the ballot in November through write-in votes in the Primary next week. She is running for Fremont County Commissioner District 5. The following is a release submitted by Hinds.

    Hello! My name is Polly Hinds and I am running as a Democratic Write in Candidate for Fremont County Commissioner District 5. I am a late entry in this race but I am asking for your support to bring a renewed vigor to Fremont County leadership.

    After owning and operating an Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Company with my partner for 22 years in Denver, as well as a well-known antiquarian bookshop, we left the Big City in 2000 and never looked back. We packed up our entire life, loaded into rental trucks, and situated ourselves in “the middle of nowhere”, in Sweetwater Station, Wyoming.


    I have successfully operated an antiquarian bookshop and sold fresh eggs from our outfit on the Sweetwater ever since.

    We are entering a new era in Fremont County and are looking forward to Post Covid. Real planning and innovation must be employed to handle the tidal wave of travelers who have discovered our beautiful county this year. Disenchanted with their cities and suburbs, they yearn to be free again. We must be ready for the demands of a blossoming population and its’ needs.

    Transportation and communication capabilities must be upgraded to meet the new business opportunities people will seek here.

    Management of our exquisite natural scenic beauty must be maintained.


    Infrastructure must be a key component for integration of new business and technology.
    For this, we do not need new taxes, we need new business expansion.

    I hope you will give me the chance to show you what an exciting future Fremont County can look forward to by voting for me in the Primary Election on August 18th as a Write in for Commissioner in District 5 on the Democratic ticket.


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