Police calls up in Shoshoni as spring progresses; 174 traffic citations in March

(Shoshoni, WY) – The Town of Shoshoni saw an increase in police activity in March, when eight people were arrested in the city’s jurisdiction.

“(We’re) starting to get more into the … activity of the summer,” Shoshoni Police Department chief Chris Konija said, adding, “We have had a little bit more problems with some juvenile activity around town.”

He encouraged residents to utilize the town’s new notification system by texting 307-463-7227 to report any suspicious activity.


“That does send an immediate text message and e-mail to all of the officers … just to keep us aware,” Konija said. “You can use that app, and that will come directly to all of our phones – even if you just want to report something that just doesn’t seem right (but) doesn’t rise to the level of calling 911.”


Shoshoni arrested two people on warrants last month, Konija said, and there were five warrant arrests just last week in town.

He pointed out that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, “nobody was being taken to jail for their warrants unless they were serious felonies.”

As a result, he said, “there’s a lot of people with warrants” in the community – and now, the jail is “back open for business.”

“So that is going to continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future until we get those cleared up,” Konija said.

Traffic citations

The SPD issued 174 traffic-related citations in March, Konija said – almost double the total for last year.


“Traffic is still pretty busy,” he said.

He noted that “a lot” of the traffic citations are “speed-related,” but “it’s not all speeding.”

“We’re looking for other violations too – public safety violations,” Konija said.


During the month of March, the SPD responded to:

-three requests for citizens assistance

-one request for medical assistance

-three requests for agency assistance

-one drunken driving report

-two traffic complaints

-one welfare check request

-six vehicle identification number check requests

-one juvenile problem

-two tobacco problems

-three driving under the influence calls

-one vandalism call

-one domestic violence call

-one disorderly conduct call

-one harassment call

-three reports of possession of a controlled substance

For more information visit the SPD website.

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