Pinedale fishing and boating access point improvements scheduled this year

    One of Pinedale’s popular public access points for fishing and boating on the Green River will be improved in 2019. The Sommers Public Access Area, on land owned by Wyoming State Legislator Albert Sommers west of Pinedale, had suffered significant bank erosion that was causing the perimeter fence to fall into the river.

    Pinedale Habitat & Access crew member Daniel Pinneo removed the caving chain-link fence along the river’s edge.

    Also, Pinedale Aquatic Habitat Biologist Luke Schultz and Fisheries Technician Erik Waring recently surveyed the area for plans to install a “J-hook” structure above the boat pull-out.


    The in-stream rock structure to be installed next spring will provide a convenient eddy for boaters to safely reach the shoreline, while also providing improved habitat for fish.


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