Photos: Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe Youth Contest Powwow

(Fort Washakie, WY) – This past weekend was the 62nd Annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Powwow.

The following is the list of winners from the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe Youth Contest Powwow held on June 23, sponsored by the Eastern Shoshone Recovery Program.

There were approximately 103 participants. The winners are listed in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and were shared by Alejandra Robinson.


Jr. Boys Traditional
Jay Hernandez
Antonio Solovzano
Timinah Ellenwood

Jr Girls Traditional
Starla Robinson
Ayanna Has C’Hair
Jaedan Rain C’Hair

Jr Boys Grass Dance
Deidray Blackburn
Omar Apodaca
Nate Robinson Jr

Jr Girls Jingle
Kaylee Washakie
Manuela Capitan
Sofia Antelope


Jr Boys Fancy
Jayezon Bell
Ainga Huchu Hill

Jr Girls Fancy
Bubbles Robinson
Samara Wallowingbull
Tristan Her Many Horses

Teen Boys Traditional
Norman Iron Cloud


Teen Girls Traditional
Ceara Vera
Chloe Iron Cloud
Janae Todd

Teen Boys Grass Dance
Darion Perry
Darian Augustine
Lloyd Wallowbull

Teen Girls Jingle
Alayna Bevis
Dionne Ferris
Tehya Spoonhunter


Teen Boys Fancy
Andrew Tillman

Teen Girls Fancy
Shayla Yellowhair
Dinayla Augustine
Emil Posey


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