People in the 10: Possibly ate the state record-breaker

(Fremont County, WY) – 16-year-old local Hunter Peterson caught a sauger in Fremont County last weekend and didn’t know at the time it may have been a state record-breaker.

He wants to share his story so other folks don’t make the same mistake.

When I set the hook on the sauger I honestly thought I had a carp but once it started fighting I realized there was a giant on the end of my line. Once he surfaced I saw his giant head. I was super excited and did everything I could not to lose him.

Once he got close to shore I grabbed him by the gills and pulled him up. I was super excited and had the biggest smile on my face.

His length was 28 ½ that bad part was I didn’t have a scale but he was prolly between 6 ½ pounds to maybe 8.

I knew it was a solid fish but never realized that it could be a state record until Monday morning. On Monday I shared the story and pic with my teacher. He instantly saw the picture and got excited wanting to know the weight.

Sadly I did not weigh the fish before cooking him up. Once we looked up the current state record my heart sank as I believe the fish we ate was larger.

-Hunter Peterson

The current state record for sauger was set in 2007 and caught in Fremont County by Tom Durst, of Casper. The fish weighed in at 7.5 lbs and was 26.5 inches long.

Hunter, who has fished since he could cast a rod, plans to go back to the spot since he hooked another big one, but it got away.

h/t Hunter Peterson

Thanks for sharing your story, Hunter!

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