Paws Pet of the Week: Meet Lucky

Lucky is a 3 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees and Akbash mix.

He came to us last November when someone found him lying in the middle of the road. Someone had scooped up the other dog that was with him earlier and presumably took it back home but for some reason, Lucky didn’t get in the vehicle and these people couldn’t leave him lying there in the middle of the road to get hit. We posted him hoping someone would come forward to claim him at Paws, but no one did.

Typical of his nature, he is not really friendly with dogs. He tolerates them and will lay down and growl when he is done socializing with them, or back them into a corner and just watch them. He has never attacked them. He has spent the last 9 weeks at the Honor Farm, more to give him a break from the Shelter life, than for the training. When he was through training, he would just lay down and not move. Same here, he will walk for a little bit, but when he is done, he turns and heads back for the Shelter.

He loves people and will just lean into you and put his head on your leg. If dogs could purr, he would. He is content to just be with you. He can be seen in the Office, laying there enjoying our company. He is a big dog but he is not energetic. He will need a good fence because he will wander if not contained. He has a missing toe that our Vet thought may have gotten into a snare in the past. 

If you are looking for a big couch potato to add to the family, please come meet Lucky!

Paws for Life Animal League in Riverton is by appointment only. If you would like to meet Reggie, please call 857-6002 to schedule an appointment Tuesday through Saturday or message their Facebook page to set an appointment up for a meet and greet. He would love to see you! 

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