#PavillionBiz: New local financial coaches ready to help reduce your debt stress

Troy and Hailee Benson recently launched their personal financial coaching business, Pocket Science Financial Coaching, in Pavillion.

“We hope we can bring a sense of hope and peace to people,” Hailee shared. Having gone through their own significant behavior changes to become debt-free, they are ready to help others find that same stress relief of knowing your finances are in order.

“We don’t have a traditional background in finance,” they shared. Troy is a teacher at Wind River and Hailee is a CNA at Morning Star Care Center.


A few years ago, they discovered financial expert Dave Ramsey, and applied his steps of getting out from under significant debt to their personal lives. “Our life, in general, has been transformed and we want to give this same feeling to others and help them transform their lives too.”

They have completed Dave Ramsey’s financial coach training and Troy is also working on his life insurance sales certification. “Financial coaching is a rare thing to find,” Troy said. “We’re not financial advisors. We just walk people through the behavioral side of finances as opposed to selling financial products.”

While they are based in Pavillion, their coaching can be done online or over the phone. You can learn more about Hailee and Troy as well as schedule a free consultation on their website by clicking here.

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