Pavillion mayor releases statement Monday; Residents petition for his removal

(Pavillion, WY) – Residents have called for accountability and transparency from Pavillion Mayor Chuck Snyder following the arrest of former town clerk, Rebecca “Beckie” Milleson, for the reported theft of $34,399.67 in town money. Some residents have even signed a petition for his resignation.

The time between Milleson’s confession to the mayor, January 27th, and when she was arrested, February 12th, has been a prominent concern for community members due to her access to Town Hall.

On February 22nd, a special meeting of the Pavillion Town Council was held. The meeting was not to address the theft directly, but it was the first opportunity, since the theft became public knowledge, for residents to voice their concerns during the public comment period.


This is the second time a Pavillion town clerk has stolen town money, community members stated.

“There are citizens that are angry that this has happened a second time,” one resident said during the meeting. “We wonder why this is happening in our town again in less than 12 years.”

During the meeting on the 22nd, pressure was placed on Mayor Snyder, as Milleson’s supervisor, to release a statement explaining the current situation and what steps will be taken to rectify the incident.

He apologized a few times throughout the meeting noting he is new and doesn’t know everything.


Town Attorney Perry Marple was also in attendance and explained that neither of them have dealt with a situation like this before and “this is a learning curve.” He also shared “the mayor has cooperated 100% with the sheriff’s department.”

The meeting concluded with the following next steps – council and mayor will submit a forensic audit request that goes back to the time Milleson started, confirm all security measures have been completed, and the mayor will release a statement.

In follow up to the meeting on the 22nd, Mayor Snyder provided a statement during the Pavillion Town Council regular meeting on March 1st. His statement has been summarized in the following paragraphs.


He was notified by Milleson that she had taken money from the town. The bank also notified him the funds had been taken from the town’s account.

Her name was removed from the accounts, and deposits were made to the appropriate accounts as she paid the money back.

He along with the Town Attorney Perry Marple were questioned by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office.


Town keys were taken from Milleson.

The FCSO also took possession of the town’s “computer component” and has since returned it.

“This happened at the time payroll and W-2s needed to be done. Water bills printed and stamped and bills needed to be paid.”

Mayor Snyder had her complete the work while he watched.

She “turned herself in to authorities and was instructed not to be in contact with town employees, councilmembers or the mayor.”

“All passwords have been changed and new signatures put on the bank accounts.”

He also contacted the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and was told that State Public Funds was notified and an audit will happen in about 3 months because Pavillion has to wait its turn. “They are shorthanded.”

The mayor’s statement can be heard below.

A petition signed by some Pavillion residents was also presented to the Town Council and Mayor Snyder on Monday. The exact number of citizens who signed the petition was not shared, but their reasoning written on the petition for his removal is as follows:

“We the undersigned, Citizens of Pavillion of Wyoming request the resignation of Mayor Charles Snyder based on no confidence. Due to an on going [sic] investigation per sheriff Ryan Lee that has the appearance of the mayor being involved in the on going [sic] investigation because he was the supervisor.”

According to the Fremont County Clerk’s Office, it is up to the mayor if he wishes to resign. Recall petitions remain at the municipality level unless an investigation is launched.

County 10 will keep you updated as information is released.


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