Owners of local food bank are distributing goods to families in need

For the last five years, Lloyd and Nan Eckstein have worked hard to provide food for families in need across Fremont County. The couple especially wants to make sure that they can help families who have been affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19.

“Right now, we’re giving out food boxes with things like rice, beans, canned fruit and vegetables, pancake mix and syrup – all non-perishables but things that families can use to prepare healthy, well-rounded meals for their families. Depending on the size of the family, they’re eligible to receive between 50 and 90 pounds of food. If they’re careful with it, that could be up to a two-week supply.”


In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID, the Ecksteins are currently helping people via appointment only. If you are in need of food, please contact them by phone at (307) 463-0141 to set up an appointment. They ask that you bring a valid photo ID, any official unemployment paperwork (which will speed up the application process), and that you leave children at home. At your appointment, you will fill out an application to determine what you’re eligible to receive. You’ll need to provide a physical address (not a PO box), and you can bring one person to help you carry, load, and unload your food.

Appointments will be held at 20 Gardens Drive in Riverton, Wyoming, which is located at the end of Honor Farm Road. “Look for the big brown house with yellow trim – Cowboy colors!” Nan says cheerfully.

The Ecksteins are both retired and fund their food bank out of their own pockets and with donations made by locals. These donations are incredibly valuable and make it possible for them to continue to operate the food bank.

“We pay for everything – insurance on our vehicle and building, gasoline, food,” says Nan. “We want to help the families who are most in need, especially right now during the COVID situation. But it’s all funded out-of-pocket by us and it can be tough sometimes. Any donations at all are wonderful.”

In fact, there was a time earlier this year that their food bank almost had to shut down because the cash to operate it simply wasn’t there anymore. However, because of a $1,000 donation from an anonymous donor, the Eckstein’s food bank has been able to carry on, providing healthy, non-perishable food to local families in need.

If you would like to donate to the food bank, you can donate directly and anonymously at Atlantic City Federal Credit Union in Riverton. Though money is the most sorely needed, you can also donate non-perishable foods if you would like.

The Ecksteins are also offering a $100 reward for information that will help law enforcement officials find out who injured their dog. The dog was severely cut last Wednesday afternoon (4/15) by an unknown person. Fortunately, after emergency surgery and lots of rest, it looks like she will make a full recovery. Please call the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department at (307) 857-3671 if you have more information.