Over 40 Fremont County Coronavirus tests are pending; Confirmed cases remain at 10

Fremont County Incident Management Team Release: 

As of this morning the total count of confirmed cases in Fremont county is still 10.  Although the current total known case count is unchanged, this data is incomplete. Consultation with all available testing laboratories shows that results are currently delayed at least a week with over 40 tests still pending in the county, and this will likely greatly worsen as the national problem intensifies and lab resources are potentially diverted. This information along with a significant increase in calls to our local PH number, and reports by clinics in our communities, shows that the virus is likely extensively spread in our community.  


We must transition to efforts to decrease the spread of the disease. This means stricter adherence to social distancing practices at all times in all places including at home, stores and parks.  If you are ill in any way then self isolate as soon as possible. Then call friends, family and employer soon after so that they can take appropriate precautions.

Self isolating means staying at home and only leaving for certain purposes. 

You should self isolate if you any symptoms of illness or any close contact with anyone that is ill. 

Social distancing means separate from all other people by at least 6 ft consistently. 

For further information please call  Fremont County Public Health at 307-857-3677 or 307-856-6979.

You can see more details from the Fremont County Incident Management Team here.


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