Ottman announces bid for HD34 re-election

    House District 34 incumbent Pepper Ottman announced today, May 30, that she is running for re-election with the following statement:

    I am announcing today my candidacy for re-election to the Wyoming State House. I have kept my promises and have worked diligently for the passage of significant legislation.

    I run to continue bringing the voice of the people in this very diverse district to Cheyenne. Many people groups with different backgrounds, different experiences, different needs, different beliefs, and with multiple sides to every issue takes lots of communication and a lot of miles.


    I run to address the inflation my constituents face in higher food and fuel prices in any way I can from the legislature.

    I run to protect my constituents from the confusion of what a democracy brings to us vs. what our Republic, by our Constitution, is set up to do.

    I run to address medical freedom, private property rights, Federal overreach on our public lands, grazing, and the weaponization of water and land use.

    I’ve had dozens of Town Hall meetings and attended city council meetings, school board meetings, library commission meetings, and many organizations to hear their missions, their successes, and their struggles. Living in the mid-section of this district gives my constituents access to see me.


    Finally, if you don’t know me, please call. I encourage you to check my voting record at See for yourself how I represent my constituents and the people of Wyoming.

    I ask for your vote on Primary Election Day, August 20th.

    County 10 does not endorse any political candidate and strictly separates news from advertising.


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