Oldest Northern Arapaho Tribal Member turned 95 Friday

(Fremont County, WY) – Geraldine Cecelia Brown, the oldest Northern Arapaho Tribal Member, turned 95 years young today, June 10.

She has lived here her entire life and has an amazing memory for everything, her grandson Roy Brown shared.

“She talks a lot about growing up with her brothers and sisters and the funny things her 9 children would say when they were young. One of her favorite stories is probably the time her older brother Hubert made her swallow a minnow while they were fishing.”


She is an avid reader and though her eyesight is diminishing, she still reads using a magnifier. The Young & the Restless and Bonanza are also favorites to watch.

“She is a wonderfully funny and smart woman,” Roy shared. “She did not have an easy life. She lost a son, Donald, when he was still a baby. Her husband, Buster, died (after serving in WWII) shortly after their youngest child was born leaving her to find a way to raise their nine children. With the help of family and friends, and her finding work over the years in bakeries and kitchens, her family was supported. She loves her family very much and has been devoted to them for their entire lives. I’m not sure there is an accurate count at the moment but the number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren number in the hundreds. 

“Although she has retired from baking, she makes the best banana bread and cinnamon rolls in the world. 

“Finally, she is a prayerful person.  Her family and community have been blessed by her deep, fervent, and frequent prayers.”


Happy birthday, Geraldine! 🎉


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