Captain Wes Romero recognized for his service as Interim Chief of Police

(Riverton, WY) Captain Wes Romero, who has acted in the capacity of Interim Chief of Police since November 2022, received recognition for his service at last night’s City Council meeting.

“It’s my privilege to recognize Wes Romero tonight, for the leadership he’s shown our community, the department, and the City of Riverton,” said Butterfield. “Wes Romero has provided leadership to the police department for several years and has been in a position of leadership for most of his career. Beginning in November, as the department started going through some transitions, Wes immediately stepped up, and through his strength of character, I think his integrity and his work ethic has made a difference…I appreciate what Wes Romero has done and will continue to do for the City of Riverton, and want to recognize him at this time…”

“You may notice that I have a mustache today, which I didn’t have the last time I was here,” Butterfield continued. “But Wes doesn’t have a mustache…and a lot of the police officers had mustaches over the last month. So I think it fair that we give Wes an option and array of mustaches that we do expect you to wear when the next challenge comes up. There’s something in solidarity, brother…”


“In all reality, though, I do want to recognize Wes, and, on behalf of the City, offer him a Key to the City of Riverton and thank him for his service as Interim Chief of Police.”

Butterfield also gave a hunting knife made by one of his friends as a personal gift to Wes.

Mayor Tim Hancock added: “I’ve known Wes (Captain Romero) for quite a few years…and just really appreciate all you’ve done and that you continue to serve the City of Riverton, and really look forward to the future with you here. Everything you’ve done, it’s meant a lot, and it certainly, I think, helps keeps up safe, helps keep us in good hands. So thank you.”

Kyle Butterfield gifted Wes Romero with a Key to the City of Riverton, a hunting knife, and a pack of mustaches. h/t Carol Harper

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