NWSR extends flood advisory for the Wind River

    (Fremont County, WY) – The National Weather Service in Riverton has extended the Flood Advisory issued for the Wind River, as of 4:44 AM this morning, June 10.

    Elevated river levels are forecasted the Wind River Basin, including Riverton. The status/length of the advisory will be updated by the NWSR later this evening.

    County 10 meteorologist Dave Lipson snapped these photos of the Wind River running through Riverton on Saturday, June 8, as seen from the Cloud Kisser hot air balloon. Lipson advises that “area rivers will remain high, swift, and dangerous this week due to annual runoff from mountain snow melt.

    The Wind River as seen from the Cloud Kisser hot air balloon; photo taken on June 8. h/t Dave lipson

    Additionally, the NWSR has issued a snowmelt flood advisory for the Wind River, which is in effect until tomorrow morning, June 11.

    At 4:00 AM this morning the stage was 6.8 feet, the NWSR reports. 8.0 feet is listed as the bankfull and action stages for the Wind River, with the flood stage at 9.0 feet.

    The NWS defines the stages as follows:

    • Bankfull Stage – an established gage height at a given location along a river or stream, above which a rise in water surface will cause the river or stream to overflow the lowest natural stream bank somewhere in the corresponding reach. The term “lowest bank” is however, not intended to apply to an unusually low place or a break in the natural bank through which the water inundates a small area. Bankfull stages on streams with natural or manmade high banks can be defined by the predominant vegetation line on the banks. The bankfull stage on many streams is associated with the 2-year recurrence interval flood. Bankfull stage is not necessarily the same as flood stage.
    • Action Stage – the stage which, when reached by a rising stream, represents the level where the NWS or a partner/user needs to take some type of mitigation action in preparation for possible significant hydrologic activity. The type of action taken varies for each gage location. Gage data should be closely monitored by any affected people if the stage is above action stage.
    • Flood Stage – an established gage height for a given location above which a rise in water surface level begins to create a hazard to lives, property, or commerce. The issuance of flood advisories or warnings is linked to flood stage. Not necessarily the same as bankfull stage.

    Minor flooding is expected downstream along left bank near where Black Bridge begins, as well as along the right and left banks upstream of the Highway 789 Bridge.


    The NWSR also advises that agricultural flooding downstream of Riverton near the Black Bridge and Hidden Valley area will intensify.

    “Please report observed flooding to local emergency services or law enforcement and request they pass this information to the National Weather Service when you can do so safely.”

    Additional information and updates are available at


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