Appliance on the fritz? Call the Service Department at Gambles

    We’re pretty big on a few things here at Gambles…


    Washer lifting (just kidding…sorta).

    American Made.





    Wait. Skittles?! Just kidding on the Skittles. I mean we like them… er, some of us do anyway – I just wanted to see if you were listening. Got your attention? Okay, here we go!

    A long time ago, values like these led us to create our own in-house Service Department. It was kind of like the free delivery thing we do. No one else was doing it, but it seemed like the right thing to do, so we did it. Same for a Service Department.

    We live in a small, tight-knit community. We should do right by each other. So if you buy it from Gambles, we’ll service it. In fact, even IF YOU DIDN’T buy it from us – but it’s a brand we can accommodate – we’ll service it.

    Think about it. If you’ve ever sat on hold with a manufacturer, you understand why we do this. If you buy from Gambles and something goes wrong – you just call Gambles. It’s that simple. 

    It’s simple, but not always the case. If you picked up a new fridge on your last trip to Olive Garden and suddenly it doesn’t keep things cold, that’s a call to the Manufacturer, NOT the store where you bought it. The Call Center for the Manufacturer has likely never even heard of Wyoming. They’ll spend a really REALLY long time looking for someone to repair your fridge, only to finally tell you that there isn’t anyone close by and that someone will be in touch “in the next 5 – 10 years” to get that taken care for you.

    I exaggerate a little, but you get the idea. That’s precious time that you could have spent binge-watching Netflix or playing cribbage.  

    And so today, I want to introduce you to our Service Department. That way, you’ll feel good about giving us a call when something goes wrong – these guys are YOUR guys!

    On the right, we’ve got Brock Lantgen. He’s a little sketchy with the no beard thing, but we like him anyway. Say “Hi” to Fremont County, Brock. He’s been licensed in service work for over 10 years. 

    On the left is Jake Whelan. He’s a good kid, and not just because he has a beard.

    There are a lot of appliance brands. Every one of them has different rules and requirements for local service. So…

    You can call anytime and chat with us about your appliance issues and get an appointment set up. We travel anywhere in Fremont County – and sometimes outside of the County. 

    But if you’d like some details on a really boring (but important subject) keep reading.

    At Gambles, we sell brands that are all or mostly Made in the good ‘ol USA and we’re an Authorized Servicer for them all. What does that mean? It means that Brock and Jake have:

    • Been to “school” with each manufacturer to be trained by the ladies and ‘gents that make the products.
    • Been background checked.
    • And we randomly drug test them…. Tomorrow’s the day – don’t tell them.

    So the next part gets a little complicated because appliance brands have a LOT of rules. Feel free to just call and ask questions, or if you’re a little nerdy read on 🙂

    They are “Authorized” on everything we sell in the store. Whether it’s still under warranty or out of warranty

    • Whirlpool
    • Jenn-Air
    • Maytag
    • Amana
    • KitchenAid

    Gambles can’t service the following brands if they’re still under warranty, but we’d be happy to help if they’re out of warranty:

    • GE
    • Frigidaire
    • Kenmore

    Under no circumstances will we service the brands below in any situation. Chances are good you’ll be talking to someone from Casper or even further away and you will also likely be charged by the mile for them to come look at these brands. If you’d like to know WHY we don’t and won’t service or sell these brands – come on by the store and we’ll chat!

    • LG
    • Samsung
    • Bosh
    • Viking
    • DCS
    • Fisher Paykl
    • Subzero
    • Thermador
    • Wolf

    Jake and Brock love to drive, so we’ll come to you anywhere in Fremont County and sometimes outside the County!

    Come see us at 420 Main St. in Lander or give us a call at 307-332-3670 or message us on Facebook. We’ll ask a few questions and get you set up.

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