Now is the perfect time to talk to your kids about alcohol

Let’s set the stage. Fremont County is on lockdown. Everyone is in quarantine. There is no school so the kids are at home.  There is plenty of time to talk to your child about alcohol. NOW is the time as many children will be at home alone. Lots of parents are working from home but lots of parents still have to go to work.

It’s a small town and there isn’t always a lot for kids to do. Boredom will set in. Especially with the whole social distancing thing. And since drinking is something you can do alone, you want your kids to know what they are up against before they take that first drink. Teaching them the dangers of under-age drinking is an important step in raising responsible tweens & teenagers. Short, frequent discussions can have a real impact on your child’s decisions about alcohol. Family support and communication is key.

Next, plan something fun for the whole family. There are always a variety of healthy activities available. Play a board game, watch a movie, help them with their homework, TAKE A WALK! Here are some links to loads of online fun:


And remember, what you do is as important as what you say. Setting a good example by not drinking or simply drinking responsibly shows that you practice what you preach. What you do impacts your child more than you might think. Children watch parents and form habits by what they see every day at home.

For more information on talking to your kids about alcohol, click here. Other good resources can be found at


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