Northern Arapaho Tribe honors victims of Sand Creek Massacre

On Sunday, November 29th, the Northern Arapaho Tribe will memorialize and honor Arapaho and Cheyenne people murdered as part of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre. The pre-dawn raid by cavalrymen against a peaceful Native camp stands as one of our nation’s worst atrocities. Many of the dead were women, children, and elders.

In 2019, the Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC) formally proclaimed November 29th as “Sand Creek Remembrance Day” to honor the lives lost in that attack and ensure it is never forgotten. While the annual Sand Creek Spiritual Healing Run will not be possible this year due to public health restrictions, it remains vitally important to commemorate Sand Creek Remembrance Day and keep alive the memory of our Tribal ancestors who lost their lives. The NABC thanks the Sand Creek Representatives who’ve made this solemn tribute possible.

“The Sand Creek Massacre is a stain on our nation’s history, but we cannot look away,” said Chairman Lee Spoonhunter of the Northern Arapaho Business Council. “The further removed we become from that day, the more important it is that our children know the truth and all Americans remember the horror of Sand Creek. We honor our Arapaho ancestors by keeping their memory alive and recognizing their sacrifice.”


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