Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency notice of intent to adopt new regulations

The Northern Arapaho Tribe is formally making notice of its intention to adopt new regulations that will:

  • Allow any person at the age of 18 and older to work at any Tribal gaming facilities without a high school diploma, or its equivalent.
  • Removing Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) from the 5th sentence of Section 12.1 (D), and in the 2nd sentence of Section 14.1. Also remove the entire Section XIII “Adjudications” from the NAGA Regulations.
  • Allow for the public notices to be limited to members of the tribe that holds sole proprietary interest rather than members of the general public.
  • With the rapidly changing media industry, public notices will be allowed to reach tribal members through digital newspaper.

To make public comment please contact the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency Office from 9am-4pm at 307-856-9942 or via email [email protected].

The Agency may promulgate, review and revise as necessary regulations, rules and procedures to govern and facilitate the regulation and licensing of gaming operations, personnel or entities in accordance with applicable law. Northern Arapaho Code Title 3, Section 403 (i).

This Public Notice has been paid for by the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency

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