No new COVID-19 cases reported in Fremont County over last 24 hours

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Release from the Fremont County Emergency Council:

The Fremont County Emergency Council has enacted the Fremont County/Municipal/ Tribal Emergency Operations plan and have expanded the Incident Management Team to effectively support public health and medical providers in Fremont County in response to the threat of Covid 19 to the community.


The Fremont County Health Officer (Dr. Brian Gee) and the Public Health Nurse’s staff are now basing emergency operations out of the Fremont County Emergency Operations Center alongside the Incident Management Team.

No new cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed in Fremont County in the last 24 hours and all confirmed cases are still confined to the Showboat Retirement Center. The Showboat Retirement Center remains under quarantine.

Fremont County and municipal Government leaders would like to assure citizens that there are no plans to issue any kind of mandatory business closures in the community. The choice to implement any kind of closure will remain with the business owners.

Fremont County Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee would like to remind everyone that while we still need to practice social distancing, you can still get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Going for walks and getting some fresh air is a good idea just try to keep your distance from others and avoid congregating in large groups. Remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep and exercise. Fremont County Public health will be publishing a flyer throughout the community with tips for social distancing. The flyer will also be available on the Fremont County Public Health Facebook Page as well as the Public Health Website.

Dr. Gee will be issuing a video public service announcement sometime today.

The latest COVID-19 updates from County 10 can be found here.