Natural Health staff share their tips for overcoming overwhelm, lack of sleep and the dreaded, “Winter Blues”

    No matter how healthy you are, the human body can be a fickle thing. Even when you work at Natural Health, sometimes you need to do a little TLC.

    Here are some of the things staff at Natural Health do to keep their bodies in tip-top shape and feeling their best.

    Pictured left, is Cathy. Cathy’s found her cure to overwhelm
    “Whenever I feel tired, sluggish, or worn out, just 20 minutes in the Ozone Sauna does the mind and body good! Not only does it support adrenal detox but the peaceful rest and relaxations leaves me feeling more energetic and healthier.”

    So when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a beat from Cathy’s regimen. Make time for yourself to just stop and do absolutely nothing. There’s no excuse not to spare 10, 15 or even 20 minutes for some much needed YOU time.

    On the right is Miss Shannon. Shannon often suffers from lack of sleep
    “My sleep troubles are often tied to stress, so I have to take a proactive approach to ensure a good night’s sleep. As a way to destress before bed, I make sure to put away all electronics at least 1 hour before bedtime and then I like to massage lavender lotion on my hands and feet.”

    During high times of stress, Shannon will schedule a 30 min acupuncture treatment. Shannon describes it “like hitting ‘reset’ on life.”

    Pictured middle, is Cat. Cat is susceptible to the “Winter Blues
    “I am very susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the ‘Winter Blues.’ For a little pick-me-up the Photon Genius is my go-to. Follow it up with a Detox Foot Bath and I am renewed.”

    The Photon Genius is widely known for its ability to alleviate pain and boost the healing process on a cellular level. For Cat, the Photon Genius improves her mood, energy levels, skin, and overall sense of well being.


    At Natural Health Solutions, health and well-being is a lifestyle: *some maintenance required. All of the treatments mentioned above are available to all patients (new and former) of Natural Health Solutions.

    If you have watched your health diminish over the years, the path back to health begins with a FREE Consultation.

    Call Natural Health Solutions today at 307-856-8181 to schedule your appointment or visit them at 705 E. Fremont Ave in Riverton!

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