New Year’s Eve is approaching – Even “social drinkers” can go overboard

The holiday season can sometimes be stressful and it’s tempting to drink a bit too much to relax. Alcohol releases endorphins in the brain which gives you a relaxed, happy feeling. There are so many reasons why alcohol and excessive drinking can be dangerous. It may give you a moment of relaxation, but it also leaves many people feeling overwhelmed.

Many of the Americans polled in the Alcohol Fueled Emotions survey told us that drinking alcohol made them feel happy. However, people polled between the ages of 20 and 29 were the most likely to experience negative feelings like anxiety, sadness, and a sense of being overwhelmed. More than half of everyone we polled – regardless of age – told us that drinking alcohol also made them feel depressed at one point or another.

If you do plan on drinking during the holidays, drink in moderation, and remember to always have a designated driver.

Don’t have a designated driver? You’re in luck! The Wind River Transportation Authority will provide free Safe Rides in Lander and Riverton on New Year’s Eve. The service is provided under a highway safety grant from the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and it is the direct result of work by the Fremont County DUI Task Force and Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving.

“Unfortunately, Fremont County leads Wyoming and Wyoming leads the country in impaired-related vehicle fatalities. We implore people: If you are questioning whether you should drive, just call and let us drive you. There will also be special DUI patrols so do not put others’ lives in danger and don’t risk getting a DUI,” states WRTA Director Gary Michaud.

To order the ‘Safe Rides’ service, a person only needs to call (307) 851-9800, and WRTA will pick them up on New Year’s Eve.

Always remember what can bring you true holiday joy…enjoying time with loved ones during New Year’s celebrations. Take the time, make the effort, and use the sources of strength that are surrounding you.

The holiday break is the perfect time to start a conversation with your children about alcohol. Family support and healthy activities will get the ball rolling. And remember, what you do is as important as what you say. Setting a good example by not drinking or simply drinking responsibly shows that you practice what you preach. What you do impacts your child more than you might think. Children watch their parents and form habits by what they see every day at home.

Here are some fun NON-alcoholic drink recipes that will allow you to enjoy without negative results. Click here for a few New Year’s Eve safety tips.

Roll into 2023 happy, healthy, and safe! Happy New Year from the Fremont County Prevention Program!

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