New telemedicine app is another rapid response effort to fight COVID-19 crisis in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, WY — A new app created by software designer Jason Hammock, a member of the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC) and Chief Technology Officer at Array, allows people anywhere to visit a doctor in Wyoming by telemedicine.

Available on both Android and IOS devices, the app is linked to the network of Stitches Acute Care Centers in Wyoming. Clicking the “Start a Telemed Visit” button puts you into the least-busy virtual waiting room, from which you are assigned to the provider who has the most available time at that moment.

Self-pay visits cost $49, payable by credit card. The app can also snap a picture of an insurance card, and the invoice will be submitted to the insurance company.


The project is part of a partnership between Stitches Acute Care Center and the Cheyenne-based coding and design school Array, Inc. It has been planned since 2018, and came into being as COVID cases began to emerge in Wyoming, when Jason Hammock was feeling that the world was “a little bit out of control.”

I felt that this was a real quick win, “ he said, “something I could do to get a grasp on an uncontrollable situation. — Jason Hammock, CTO of Array, Inc. and WTCC Member

In just 28 hours, he created the app, which is now available online.

Thanks to Hammock’s immediate and creative response to the COVID-19 crisis, the app burst into existence just as social distancing and other control methods came into effect in Wyoming. It’s rapid creation inspired Array’s CEO, Eric Trowbridge, to wonder what else could be accomplished if the entire technology brain trust of Wyoming could be coordinated to act together.


He contacted a few friends and acquaintances with an interest in tech, and WTCC came into being. Within less than a month, the network has grown to nearly 300 members.

Array is actively working on a proprietary backend for the Stitches app, and is soliciting interest from other clinics that need a telemedicine solution. Interested clinics may contact [email protected] for further information.

Contact information and news activities of the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition, are available at For more details, see the dedicated news story on the WTCC website.


The Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition aims to build and maintain an integrated community of volunteers working to fight COVID-19 for Wyoming through the use of technology and teamwork.

Wyoming residents with technological, medical, or organizational expertise are preferred to join, but anyone can request to be a part of the group. Donations may be contributed via the WTCC website.


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