New Site Manager hired as Riverton Museum undergoes renovations

    (Riverton, WY)  The Riverton Museum has been undergoing some noteworthy changes this month, the foremost in welcoming their new Site Manager, Nathaniel Griffee.

    Griffee recently graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Arts in European History, moved from New Jersey to Riverton, and has been in his position as the museum’s site manager for a little over a week.

    “I’ve been wanting to work in a museum for a while,” he said. “I came here a few times when I was little…my aunt used to live in Colorado, and we’d come through the area on our way to Yellowstone. I always liked the cowboy, Western history when I was little, so when I got the offer for this job, I jumped at it.”


    As site manager, Griffee plans and writes the interpretations for the exhibits, does some accounting work, and helps in the planning of the museum’s events. “I’m still learning exactly everything else that I do here,” he said.

    Improvements and renovations include fresh paint and drywall work in the museum’s main front room and some ceiling tile work, but the most significant change will be the replacement of the stained glass windows.

    “The stained glass will be going back to the (Methodist) church,” said Collections Manager Amy Lowery, adding that it will give them more display space.

    “We’ll use the space for more historical pictures, photos…events in Riverton’s history,” Griffee said.


    A new “Riverton Museum” sign will be installed on the front exterior.

    The museum’s stained glass windows will be replaced with a new display wall. h/t Carol Harper

    The Riverton Museum was built in 1916 as the Methodist church. In 1960, a new church was built on West Park Avenue (next to the current library). The Riverton Museum Committee purchased the old church and converted it into a museum in 1968 and, at the time, had shared the building with the Chamber of Commerce.

    The museum is still open for visitors, and will be publishing their schedule of events when the renovations are completed, which is estimated to be by the end of February. After the reopening, events and activities will continue throughout the year, such as First Fridays, the historic walking tours, the J.B. Oakie Manor tour, and many of their other popular annual events.


    “This year we’re going to be having at least six different public speakers, six different treks, and six Children’s Exploration events,” Griffee said.

    The museum’s Facebook page and Instagram will be where to look for updates, including “What’s It?” Wednesdays and other weekly posts of historic interest.

    “I’m also thinking of taking pictures of the items that we don’t have on display,” Griffee added. “We haven’t come up with a cool name for that yet, but that will be once a week.”


    Community groups and organizations are also welcome to host their events. “If any organization wants to collaborate with us on events, reach out,” Lowery said. “We’re willing to work with them and give them a space to do it.”

    The Riverton Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 pm. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call 307-856-2665, email [email protected], or visit their website at

    Riverton Museum, Riverton, WY h/t Carol Harper

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