New initiative to keep our parks clean – The Stock Doc seeking sponsors

    No one, especially non-pet owners, wants to go for a walk or go to the park and find dog droppings in the grass or on the sidewalk. This is not only irritating but also a health hazard, to our children in particular, as people can acquire parasites from pet feces. While there are some owners who are conscientious and bring waste bags with them on their outings, many do not.

    That’s when Dr. Miranda Townsend, veterinarian at The Stock Doc came up with the idea to establish Doggie Waste Stations throughout the City. Rallying behind her is The Stock Doc Veterinary Clinic and the City of Riverton Parks Department.  And they need your help!

    So far, several businesses and families have jumped on board with this initiative, committing to sponsor a station of their own. The Stock Doc would like to thank them for their sponsorship:

    • Bailey Tire and Auto
    • Riverton Middle School
    • Cornerstone Realty
    • State Farm Insurance
    • Riverton Rotary
    • The Waheed Family
    • The Townsend Family
    • The Stock Doc
    • City of Riverton

    These stations will be placed where pet owners walk and/or exercise their dogs and where many soccer games and other youth activities occur. Each one will have a sign indicating which business has sponsored the station.

    They are made from 100% commercial grade aluminum/metal, are powder coated to last and they come with a 5-year guarantee. They will have a bag dispenser which will be supplied with the waste bags. Each station will have an attached, lined waste can. The City of Riverton will install the stations and arrange for the waste cans to be emptied on a regular basis and will ensure that there are waste bags available at all times.

    In coordination with the City of Riverton, they have identified several locations that are of the most concern. To cover all of these areas, they are hoping to secure at least 12 more sponsors.

    The initial sponsorship cost of a station is $300, which will cover the cost of the waste station, the identifying plaque with your business name and one year’s worth of waste bags. The recurring sponsorship cost will be $100 per year, which will cover the cost of continuing maintenance.

    “We are also challenging our sponsors to paint their stations,” said Pamela Canham, Marketing Director with The Stock Doc. “We will have a contest with two categories; the most creative paint scheme and the best animal related paint scheme. I have no doubt that the Middle School would have an amazing paint job on theirs!!”

    With recent efforts being made across the county to improve our community, The Stock Doc invites you to join them in their project to clean up our community’s outdoor recreation.

    For more information or to sponsor a station, please call The Stock Doc at 856-7764.

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