New grant program aims to bring youth back to their local community

During the recent Community Awards Luncheon, Lander Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brian Fabel introduced a new program designed to address one of the top laments he hears from area business owners: recruiting and retaining Lander students to the local workforce. It’s no secret that after high school many of our youth leave to attend college or serve in the military and never return because of the lack of opportunities. Not as well known, however, is that there are local opportunities, and many of our brightest Lander youth share that they would return if it were feasible. That’s where the new Lander Homecoming Grant comes in!

Recruitment and Retention
“The aim is to bring them back,” shares Fabel, “and to keep them here. What we’ve found is that sometimes the cost of relocating or dealing with student debt can be a hindrance to their return.”

A prior Lander youth who attended school here for at least three years, or who left to serve in the military, can apply for up to $6,000 to help offset moving costs, cover student debt or apply to other approved relocation expenses. For more information and application:

Introducing the Lander Homecoming Grant
“The Homecoming Grant is payable over four years to encourage retention among awardees,” added Fabel. “Applicants must have a verified employment offer and must remain employed with a Lander Chamber of Commerce business for the duration of the grant, which is a huge benefit to the local workforce.”

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