New businesses helping Dubois economy boom in 2019

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    “There’s a wonderful energy in town right now,” Claudia Janiszewski told the County 10 Podcast.

    Claudia took over as the Dubois Chamber of Commerce President in May.  “One of the main things I’ve wanted to get involved in the chamber with was that in Dubois we have over 53 non-profit organizations, which is pretty outstanding considering we’re a town of less than 1,000. It shows that we’re a very giving community,” she added.


    Janiszewski told us that the community has hosted several fun events over the summer and noted that many local businesses and residents think tourism has increased steadily this year. 

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    The community, and state, are buzzing right now about the National Military Vehicle Museum which will open in May 2020. 

    While that may be stealing the headlines, there are a number of new businesses opening up in town including a new restaurant and new gallery already this summer.


    In August 2019 alone, Dubois will host three ribbon cuttings for new businesses. Those include…

    Thursday, August 15  5-7pm 
    Chamber Business After Hours – Ribbon Cutting/ Grand Opening  
    Member: Big Wind River Float Trips & Fly Fishing 
    Location : Wind River Gear
    Tuesday, August 20 – 4:30 p.m. 
    Ribbon Cutting – Luncheon Special
    Member: Lone Buffalo Steakhouse
    A ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the recent opening of the new steakhouse in Dubois. Anyone attending the ribbon cutting will be given a complementary Prosecco Cocktail before their dinner that evening. 
    Saturday, August 31 10am -7pm
    Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting
    Member: Never Sweat Old Time Photos
    Location: 124 East Ramshorn Street 
    Ribbon Cutting will be held at 10am. They will have gifts throughout the day such as hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts and mugs, etc.
    Check out our conversation with Claudia Janiszewski by CLICKING HERE! 
    For more Fremont County Podcasts, CLICK HERE or LIKE 10Cast on Facebook! 
    For more Dubois happenings, you can follow the Chamber of Commerce website or Facebook page.

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