“Never Again in Riverton” Candlelight Vigil planned on 3rd anniversary of police shooting

(Riverton, WY)  On the third anniversary of the police shooting of Anderson Antelope, the Riverton Peace Mission extends an invitation for communities and Tribes to a “Never Again in Riverton” Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday, September 21 at City Hall, in remembrance of all lives that have been taken by law enforcement shootings.

Northern Arapaho Business Councilwoman Kimberly Whiteman Harjo brought the issue of the Anderson Antelope shooting before the recent Wyoming Tribal Relations Committee held at CWC on August 29.

“He is in the Murdered and Missing, just because he was murdered here in Riverton, at our local Walmart,” Harjo said. “As for us as the Council and as a Tribe, we’ve been trying to get answers as to what happened. In speaking with the Coroner’s office, it seems like there was a cover-up. That’s how we feel, and a lot of the people in our community feel the same way…that Andy’s death was a cover-up in the City of Riverton with our officials…not only our local officials and police enforcement but with our Coroner’s office.”


Harjo continued to say that they didn’t get any straight answers, that there had been no knowledge as to what happened to the police officer who shot Antelope, and that the shooting was of great concern to the community and Tribe.

County 10 Photo – 2nd annual Justice 4 Andy Memorial Walk

“We come to Riverton and spend all of our money here in Riverton and Lander,” Harjo said. “A lot of times we don’t get a lot of good services, but this is important to our people…to find out what happened, and that this doesn’t happen again, especially just going to Walmart.”

House District 54 Representative Lloyd Larsen said that the conversation about Antelope had arisen “a couple of times,” he asked Harjo to provide a list of questions, and said that he would begin working through it and have some answers.

The “Never Again in Riverton” Candlelight Vigil will be held at City Hall on Wednesday, September 21 from 7-8 p.m. All participants are welcome to bring signs, photos and storyboards. Candles will be provided, or attendees can bring their own. 


For more information about the “Never Again in Riverton” Candlelight Vigil, visit RivertonPeaceMission.org and Justice4Andy.org, or contact Allison Sage at 307-840-2181.


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