Neighborhood crime watch initiative starting in Fremont County

If you are plugged into Fremont County Facebook pages, you may have come across Take Back Our Streets Fremont County. Their page is a place for community members to share information and raise awareness about crime in Fremont County.

Over the past few months, the folks behind the community page have been working to partner with all Fremont County communities to start neighborhood watches. They are “fed up” with the high crime rate in the county, and that includes everything from violent crimes to vandalism. They’ve also been in working with Not Our Native DaughtersEmpower Wyoming, and a few other organizations.

They are hosting the very first “Neighborhood Watch Orientation Meeting” on Saturday, February 22nd, from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm at the Riverton Branch Library. This meeting is for anyone interested in helping the initiative and their community. This isn’t a “vigilantes” type group, but an “Observe, Record, and Report.”


Ideally, “Block Captains” will be established to lead each community. They are also hoping to work with local law enforcement.

Following the initial orientation meeting, there will be training for those interested in participating. An essential factor in the training will be not to intervene in the crime but to report it as soon as possible.

You can visit the Take Back Our Streets Fremont County Facebook page to learn more about their initiative and upcoming meeting.

h/t Take Back Our Streets Fremont County for the featured photo


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