Natural Resources Conservation Service of Wyoming releases first snowpack (SWE) update for 2021-22 season

(Wyoming) – The Natural Resources Conservation Service of Wyoming has released the first official Wyoming snowpack (Snow Water Equivalent, SWE) update for the 2021-22 season today, Tuesday, December 14th.

According to the update, Wyoming’s current snowpack/SWE is 66% of median, with a basin high of 92% and a basin low of 7%.

Last year the state was at 71%, and at 130% in 2019.

h/t Wyoming NRCS image.

(The map may differ slightly from the table depending upon how many stations were reporting at the time. This report and a map displaying basin SWE percentages of median for the state may be found here.)

The following table shows the percent of median for today, the 2 previous weeks, one year ago, and two years ago for Wyoming basins.

h/t Wyoming NRCS image.

The statewide SNOTEL percent of median/average is a percent of median/average using all SNOTEL sites in Wyoming with calculated medians/averages.

Calculated medians/averages do not include manually measured snow courses.


The weighted state average is figured using the area of basins (square miles).

The reference period for computing medians/averages is the 30-year period 1991 through 2020.

For information about the 1991-2020 median/averages, calculation methods, differences between previous medians/averages, and the use of median vs. average, click here.


For a quick synopsis of current/forecast snowpack conditions with added maps/graphics, click here.


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