National Weather Service equipment gets upgrade

    Even a routine upgrade with the National Weather Service equipment is a massive project.

    The facility just west of Riverton city limits is undergoing a scheduled maintenance project over the next few days that several of County 10’s readers have inquired about.

    An overhaul of the building’s “radome” (large white circular object on top of a tower) and its antenna are being completed. Since those pieces are being removed and upgraded, the radar will be offline for the next couple weeks. During the outage, weather-watchers can use radars operated in Billings, Cheyenne, Pocatello, or Salt Lake City to receive local forecasts.


    According to a release from the National Weather Service, the current maintenance is the 3rd of 4 scheduled projects that will help extend the service life of the Riverton radar equipment through 2030.

    The National Weather Service was unable to comment further on the issue, due to the United States Government partial shutdown.

    National Weather Service Riverton, WY

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