Nana’s Bowling & Bakery is officially open in Dubois

    (Dubois, WY) – The much anticipated Nana’s Bowling & Bakery, located at 809 Meckem Street, officially opened its doors on Saturday. A crowd of all ages gathered in front of the new building for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 am.

    Owner Cynthia Starks shared an emotional welcome and dedication of this new business to not only her mom “Nana” but to the family as a whole.

    “This has been a complete passion of mine since my mom passed away three years ago,” she shared with County 10. “It’s a dedication to my mom and family and how important that role is.”


    Heading inside, ceremony attendees diverted to the bakery for scrumptious-looking pastries and donuts while others grabbed a pair of bowling shoes and took to the lanes. Several kiddos and adults alike immediately gravitated to the arcade.

    County 10 Photo

    With the family as the focal point, Cynthia shared she took the community’s feedback for what they wanted which included a bowling alley and bakery. Turning it into a family fun center where everyone can enjoy themselves, but still not competing with any other businesses.

    “I really hope the community benefits from it,” she continued.

    General Manager Melissa Claar-Reed said, “this project has challenged me in ways as a manager I could have never expected, but I have an amazing core staff behind me and an owner who loves the community more than can be expressed in words.


    “I have never worked for a person in my life that I admire as much as Cynthia Starks. Her vision for the families and youth in this town will be seen for the first time officially on Saturday, Sept. 18 but will be felt every day after that by the people of this community. I am so proud to be a part of the Nana’s family and without my team, it would have never been possible!”

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    Cynthia, who also owns Neversweat Photography, noted the photography staff was transplanted into key roles at Nana’s including Crystal Welch-Magana in the bakery, Jess Kelly in the bowling alley, and Melissa who oversees the businesses.

    “I’m blessed to have this crew.”


    She also shared appreciation for how amazing and supportive her husband Dan, who owns the National Museum of Military Vehicles, has been.

    “He never stops believing in me.”

    Nana’s is open seven days a week. Click here to view their hours and learn more about what they offer.


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