NABC Chairman voted out in Northern Arapaho Tribal Election Thursday; One new member chosen

    (Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyo.) – The Northern Arapaho Tribe’s General Election was held Thursday, and a few incumbents in the three boards up for re-election were turned out of office.

    Current NABC Chairman Roy Brown failed to make the top six, while Vice Chairman Lee Spoonhunter was re-elected as the top vote getter. Half of the Northern Arapaho Tribal Committee will be new and there will be three new members on the Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission (see the results below).

    The turnout totaled 1,548 enrolled members. Of that total, there were 500 voters at Ethete, 862 at Arapahoe, 87 at Fort Washakie and 99 Absentee Ballots were turned in.


    Elected 2018-20 Northern Arapaho Business Council – Top Six (**incumbents)

    Lee Spoonhunter 876** (Vice-Chairman)

    Anthony (Al) Addison, Sr. 779**

    Samuel J. Dresser 749**


    Clarinda Calling Thunder 703**

    Kim Whiteman Harjo, 610

    Stephen M. Fast Horse 600**


    Ricky Blackburn, Sr. 569

    Roy Boniface Brown 569** (Chairman)


    Dean B. Goggles 548

    Benjamin S. Ridgley, 477

    William J. Goggles (Billy, Bill) 446

    Carlton Underwood 403


    Previous 2016-18 Northern Arapaho Business Council 

    Norman P. Willow Sr.

    Stephen M. Fast Horse

    Roy B. Brown, Chairman

    Lee Spoonhunter, Co-Chairman

    Clarinda C. Thunder

    Anthony A. Addison Sr.


    2018-20 Elected Northern Arapaho Tribal Committee – Top Six (**incumbents)

    Tovah Harjo,860**

    Bill Armour 727**

    Melvin Oldman 639**

    Clyde Mick Spoonhunter 627

    Alan White 546

    Carmrol “Braxton” Ridgley 528

    Daryl Gambler 523

    Jordan Whiteman 520

    Steven “Stevie” SunRhodes, Jr. 479

    Rochelle Two Bulls 430


    Previous 2016-18 Northern Arapaho Tribal Committee 

    Chenara Harjo, Chairperson

    Lawrence Bell, Co-Chairman

    Bill Armour

    Melvin Oldman

    Cassie Underwood

    Alan White


    2018-20 – Elected Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission  -Top Five (**incumbents)

    Leonard R. Moss, Sr. 884**

    Lionel Bell, Sr. 648

    Boniface Riidgeley 550

    Howard G. Brown 528**

    Gary Oldman 521

    Michael Yellowplume 521

    Darren W. Willow 440

    Angela Spoonhunter 408

    Gary D. Brown 307


    Previous Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission 2016-18

    Leland Fighting Bear, Chairman

    Ricky Blackburn, Co-Chairman

    Howard G. Brown

    Leonard R. Moss, Sr.

    Julian Hubbard


    Official Vote Results:

    Northern Arapaho Business Council

    Northern Arapaho Tribal Committee

    Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission


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