Mystery Horror Movie anyone? Support your local cinema with a Friday night scare-fest

    Barry Cinemas loves the communities they serve and are constantly evolving and creating new experiences for moviegoers. They have recently added something special for those horror fanatics out there. Every Friday at 10:30 pm, they will be showing a Mystery Horror Movie! These will be at both the Grand in Lander and the Gem in Riverton.

    You will not know what movie it is until it starts to roll! Movies will most likely be rated R so no children. This will be an adult, date night situation. Admission is FREE so bring a date or a friend and let’s get scared together!

    Even in the age of Netflix and other streaming services, you just can’t beat the experience of going to the movies. The big-screen, hot buttered popcorn, and full-on fun with friends and family.


    These simple pleasures have been stolen from us during these trying times. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on movie theaters in the last few months. Things are beginning to get better with a few new release movies making their way onto the Barry Cinemas screens. These movies do require paid admission. This weekend at the Gem they will be showing:

    Gem: Unhinged at 6:30 pm. Watch the trailer here.

    Be on the lookout for The New Mutants in theaters on Aug. 28th. It will be the first MAJOR MOVIE RELEASE of the summer!

    Barry Cinemas are still showing older movies for FREE while encouraging concession sales. The movies have ranged from Disney classics to 80’s action flicks.


    Playing at the Gem in Riverton:

    Playing at the Grand in Lander:

    The Mystery Movie Matinee on Saturdays at 2 pm at both the Grand and Gem Theatres is still going strong!


    You may get a clue here and there and of course, the rating of the movie will be shown. The thrill is not knowing what you’ll get! What you will get is lots of yummy snacks from the concession stand and always an entertaining flick.

    Let me answer your next question before you ask it. Yes, it’s clean and safe! You will see a hosed-down, cleaner than ever theater with only 50% seating capacity. Social distance with your popcorn, sit back, relax, and let the Mystery Movie begin!

    The goal is to exit 2020 with our movie theaters healthy, happy, and up and running!


    Visit for more information and movie showtimes.


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