Multiple structure collapses reported in Lander this week

    (Lander, WY ) – Roof and structure collapses from snow and ice were discussed at the February 28 Lander City Council meeting, after multiple instances have been recently reported.

    “We’ve had two structures collapse recently this last week,” commented Public Works Director Lance Hopkin, both of which were mentioned in the February 27 LPD call log.

    “The police department reached out over the weekend and identified them. One, a very dangerous building that’s ready to fall over on four directions that the homeowner’s trying to figure out how to get that to the ground safely, on the side of an alley.”


    Hopkin added that the other collapse reported to LPD was the awning in front of “the old Olsen’s Market.

    “These snow loads are really testing some of our structures around town and especially if you have an older home, something to really start thinking about and trying to reduce some of that weight off the roof,” Hopkin later added at the meeting.

    Another collapse occurred last night on Poor Farm Road, with eyewitness Rosie Campbell commenting that it was quite a close call as the roof of her mother’s deck almost collapsed on her brother.

    “I was waiting in the car for my brother and he was walking out of the house and he said he started hearing some loud cracking, and instinctually just dove off of the deck as I watched the roof collapse completely,” Campbell said. “The snow and ice buildup is a serious problem for a lot of people I think.”

    Deck roof collapse on Poor Farm Road. h/t Rosie Campbell

    Luckily, no injuries were reported in any of the incidents mentioned.


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