Most of Wyoming’s bigfoot sightings are concentrated in one area

    (Wyoming) – Do you believe in bigfoot? A Civic Science report suggested that the belief in a sasquatch/bigfoot creature has risen steadily over the last few years. From 2020 to 2022, the national average of people saying they were believers rose from 11% to 13%.

    A new report by the Journey of Zoology however, is making national headlines this week dispelling any rumors of the creature. Their explanation concludes, most bigfoot sightings are common black bears. Their 2024 study found that per every 5,000 black bears in America, there’s an average of 1 reported bigfoot or sasquatch sighting. Black bears are the most common bear in North America, and are located in 32 states.

    According to ArcGIS Hub, there have been 12 bigfoot reported encounters in Wyoming since 1970. Half of those reports were in the Shoshone National Forest between Cody and Yellowstone along the US-14, US-16, US-20 route. The highway is one of the state’s busiest in the summer. Only one of those six reports were in the actual boundary of Yellowstone National Park, with the majority coming just a few miles outside of the park.


    According to this map, there was one bigfoot sighting in 2007 just outside of Fort Washakie. The Big Piney-area has a couple logged, as does Uinta County. One 1998 sighting was reported near the South Dakota boarder, just east of Sundance.

    The rest of the region, Montana, Colorado, Idaho and South Dakota have dozens of sightings making the Rockies one of the most likely regions for the creatures, if they actually exist.

    One local story that was not reported on the list above took place from 1972 and was highlighted by the History Channel.


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