Early Baseball Legends and Dubois

When the Dubois Museum: Wind River Historical Center recently acquired a baseball uniform and gloves. Johanna Thomson said, “my first thought was the movie “Field of Dreams” and Dr. Graham or “Moonlight” Graham playing baseball in the corn field.” It turns out that was right era of baseball. After farther research, the gloves are circa 1905 and the uniform circa 1915.

Baseball was gaining popularity in the country with Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth among others coming to the fields. There are several pictures with Shoeless Joe Jackson wearing nearly an identical uniform to the one that was donated, so this is the link that Dubois has to some of baseball’s legends.

Speculation is that the uniform most likely came from the Lander area with Lynn Stewarts family. Reading the Dubois Frontier and the Dubois Courier in the 1920s and 1930s it becomes quickly clear that the uniform is the only thing that Dubois has in common with the early legends of baseball. Nearly every weekly newspaper in the summer has something about rodeo in the county and nearly nothing about baseball. However, the July 14th 1932 newspaper has an article titled “House of David Baseball Club to Play Locals”. The game was at 2pm in the city ball park in Riverton. The locals were to be strengthened with additional players and admission was 50 cents a person. The House of David Baseball Club was the original and famous bewiskered club. The House of David Baseball Club traveled 20,000 miles that year playing various games across the country.

An article in the same newspaper dated June 16, 1937 says that Darrel Coats attended high school at Shoshoni and lived with Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Smart. Turns out Darrell was given an offer to attend training camp with St. Louis Cardinals. He was thought to leave soon to take advantage of the offer.

Today, Dubois does have the Woodie Held Memorial Ball Field. The majority of Woodie’s career was with the Cleveland Indians. Fan balloting to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Cleveland Indians, named Held as one of the top 100 greatest Cleveland players of all time.

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