Moccasin Lake Challenge featured 83 competitors this year [Photos]

    The 2018 Moccasin Lake Challenge featured 83 dedicated competitors of all ages.

    A grueling 19-mile challenge began about half a mile past the end of Trout Creek Road, southwest of Fort Washakie.

    The course gains 3,000 feet of elevation, climbing to about 9,000 feet above sea level.


    The race began 7 years ago, and according to event organize Mike Chingman, “The Moccasin Lake Challenge has never been about winning a race, it’s all about dedication and giving it your all. I just want people to test themselves and see how beautiful life can be.”

    The Moccasin Lake Challenge Committee is made up of:

    Michael Chingman
    Dani White
    Terah Ute
    Francene Shakespeare
    Andi Clifford
    Julie Her Many Horses
    Chico Her Many Horses
    Allison Sage
    Rene Manzanares
    Bobbie Wells
    Shanna Miller

    *All photos were provided by Mikey Chingy


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