Middle Fork Popo Agie River reaches ‘action stage for flood awareness;’ City also warns of flooding in Deer Valley area

(Lander, WY) – The Middle Fork Popo Agie River has reached “action stage for flood awareness,” according to a notice posted on the City of Lander Facebook page.

“The river level has reached action stage for flood awareness. Please be cautious when enjoying FART (Fremont Area Road Tour), the Brewfest, and your weekend activities near the river. Stay tuned in case there is heightened awareness posted.”

That post was later accompanied by the following warning of flooding in the Deer Valley area.


“Deer Valley is experiencing some flooding up the canyon. The city is setting up a sandbagging station at the street shop on the south end of Buena Vista. Homeowners can fill up sandbags for their property if needed.”

The National Weather Service in Riverton advised yesterday that “mountain snow is melting into local streams and rivers,” which can lead to cold and rapid moving waters.


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