Meet Dr. Geoff Kraemer, Podiatrist – Fremont Orthopaedics’ newest provider

Fremont Orthopaedics is happy to introduce Geoff Kraemer, DPM. Dr. Kraemer will be seeing patients at Fremont Ortho clinics in Lander and Riverton to offer podiatry services. Dr. Kraemer specializes in the treatment of the foot and ankle and offers both non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

Dr. Kraemer studied at the University of Iowa in Iowa City with double majors in Finance and Marketing. After graduation, he moved on to Podiatry School in Des Moines at Des Moines University and completed his residency at the West Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Kraemer has previously practiced podiatric medicine in Hutchinson, KS, and Worland, WY.

Dr. Kraemer will add an essential piece to Fremont Ortho’s team of dedicated community providers and surgeons.


County 10 recently sat down with Dr. Kraemer to get to know him a little better.

Can you describe your area of clinical expertise?
I treat all conditions of the foot and ankle. The most common problems I see involve plantar fasciitis and heel pain, ingrown nails, neuromas, stress fractures, and tendonitis. I do have a special interest in treating chronic ankle instability, post-traumatic arthritis of the foot and ankle, and pediatric and adult flatfoot deformity. 

What made you want to become a doctor?
Although I was raised on a hog farm in Iowa, my entire family was in medicine. I was always exposed to it. My father actually hoped one of his 4 sons would become a farmer instead of a doctor like him. During college, I chose to go in a different direction and obtain business degrees. Eventually, with maturity and life experience, I realized I had enjoyed medicine from the very beginning and chose to pursue it further. It turns out that 3 of the 4 of us became doctors and none became farmers. Since moving to Wyoming my wife and I are developing our hobby farm, just on a smaller scale from that which I grew up with.

What do you love about practicing medicine?
The best part is having the knowledge and ability to recognize the source of a patient’s pain or ailment, then working with them to determine the best treatment going forward to return them to a more normal, productive, and enjoyable life. Specific to my specialty, there are numerous conditions that are acute in nature, vs chronic, and patients can recover from them relatively quickly. Getting immediate or quick resolution of a patient’s problem can be very rewarding and gratifying.


What brought you to Fremont Ortho?
The biggest attraction was the ability to work alongside other compassionate, well-trained physicians and medical providers to help provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care to Fremont Country and beyond.

What do you wish you could tell every patient (and they would actually do) and why?
Your feet are the foundation upon which your knees, hips, back, etc are built upon. If your feet hurt, other things hurt. When people’s feet hurt, it is not just because they spend a lot of time on them daily or are “just hard on them,” rather there are often anatomic and structural reasons for the pain. If your feet hurt, come see me.  Just like you would see my partners if your knee or shoulder hurt. That said, appropriate shoes are incredibly important and go a long way towards keeping you pain-free.

Learn more about Dr. Kraemer’s practice at Fremont Orthopaedics.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kraemer, call 307-332-9720.

Fun fact about you?
A hobby of mine is leathercraft using fish leather.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?
I enjoy all that small-town Wyoming has to offer including the incredible outdoor opportunities like hiking, skiing, biking, and offroading, as well as the slow, peaceful way of life in rural America.


What city do you live in? Married? Kids?
I live in Lander with my wife and daughter. At current press time, we have 11 chickens, 8 ducks, 2 turkeys, 3 rabbits, 3 donkeys, and 2 dogs. This is subject to change at any given moment based on my wife’s activities of the day.

Let’s all welcome Geoff Kraemer, DPM to the Fremont Orthopaedic team!


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