Meet Brahim Ouaissa – Lead Certified Central Sterile Tech at SageWest

    Brahim Ouaissa felt a call to serve the needs of his community with his keen attention to detail and sense of personal responsibility for the care of every patient. As a Sterile Tech, Brahim works behind the scenes preparing sterile equipment to ensure the safety of patients receiving surgical care. “I am dedicated to making sure our patients are safe and protected,” he said, “and that my surgery team has what they need to care for our patients and community.”

    Sterilizing equipment for the following day includes planning for scheduled surgeries and for the possibility of unforeseen trauma care. “Before I leave each night, I make sure I’ve left my surgical team with everything they need to support every trauma and surgical case.

    Training new employees is an opportunity for Brahim to pass his vigilance on to others, where he emphasizes the importance of inspecting and assembling instruments “as if the patient were for your family member.” That care has earned him a reputation for excellence. When an employee’s child suffered trauma and was seen in the Emergency Room, the parent noticed Brahim’s name on the sealed tray of prepared equipment and trusted that his child was in safe hands. Brahim may not see the patient himself, but his integrity is in the room “before the instruments even touch the patient,” he said. “It’s important to me that I take care of business like every patient is my family.” I love what I do and I take pride in what I do.”

    With his eye on the future, Brahim will eventually continue his education to become a scrub tech, which will qualify him to assist his surgical team more directly with, “suiting up, getting cases ready, and passing instruments.” With the knowledge that each role on the team is essential to successful surgeries and trauma care, we trust that Brahim will continue treating every SageWest patient like family.

    Thank you for your dedication to our community, Brahim!

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