‘Medical Cannabis Educational Event’ to be held in Fort Washakie

Last September, the Shoshone General Council approved a board of Shoshone Tribal members, the SoGo-Beah-Naht-Su (Mother Earth’s Medicine), to move forward with collecting information on the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana and producing hemp. The data collected will be presented and voted on at the Shoshone General Council Meeting on Saturday, March 14th.

“As federal law states, tribes are able to move forward with cannabis,” board member Bobbi Shongutsie noted. “We are a sovereign nation through the 1863/1868 Fort Bridger Treaty. We, as treaty holders, want to exercise our treaty rights. Our board is trying to bring NEW economic development to our reservation. While also addressing the methamphetamine and opioid epidemic on Wind River Indian Reservation.”

As part of the information collecting process, the board organized a Medical Cannabis Educational Event on Friday, March 6th, 2020, from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm at Rocky Mountain Hall in Fort Washakie. Attendees must be 18 and older. The guest speaker is Melisa Sparks, with Sparks Cannabis Education Center. While this is the first event medical cannabis educational event on the Wind River Reservation, the guest speaker has held educational events across the US.

This event is not just for Shoshone Tribal members or Wind River Reservation residents, it is for everyone, Bobbi explained. “Our goal is to educate the people near and far about the benefits medical marijuana has and the dangers of prescription medication. If we can change the mind of one person that is against it, then that’s one step forward to a healthier community.”

h/t Bobbi Shongutsie

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