McDonald’s staff treat local businesses to a morning pick-me-up

This week, local businesses received a warm welcome when McDonald’s new owner, Tim Postel, and his staff hand delivered fresh brewed McCafe Mochas and Caramel Macchiatos to their work.

“Wow! This tastes great,” said Melissa Denton, with Tegeler Insurance. “I don’t even have to speak Italian to order it ? and it doesn’t break the bank.”

Postel proudly introduced his corporate staff, as well as Lander’s Store Manager, Alex (shaking hands with Tim Robeson, Tegeler Insurance).

They made it to Wyoming Community Bank just in time for the tellers’ 2nd cup.

“I really like that it’s not too sweet. It’s got great flavor, but not syrupy,” said Missy Terhune of her mocha.

Their final stop was at Fremont Therapy Group to treat their hardworking staff. “Hazelnut latte is usually my go-to but I am loving this caramel macchiato!” said Ally Davis, FTG’s Marketing Director.

As the new owner of our local McDonald’s in Lander, Riverton, and Thermopolis, the day’s excursion helped Tim do what he loves most; shaking hands, building relationships, and meeting members embedded in each community.

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