McDonald’s says “thank you” to local WYDOT crew

    It’s been a light snow season so far, but that doesn’t really mean anything in Wyoming. We all know that around here, the next big storm is always a possibility.

    So during this pre-holiday “weather vacation,” the Riverton McDonald’s team decided to take time to say “THANK YOU” to their local WYDOT crew. On Monday, the new owner, Tim Postel, stopped by with some team members and brought several bags of breakfast sandwiches.

    Tim owns McDonald’s locations throughout Central Wyoming, so he puts in a lot of highway hours to spend time in the communities his stores serve. “These guys are the real deal. I’ve silently thanked my share of plow drivers on winter commutes. These guys leave families at home when the weather gets rough and put so many lonely hours in – they’re out there when I stay home!”

    With the Christmas holiday right around the corner and no new storm in sight, it seemed like a good time to show some appreciation.

    The WYDOT drivers, mechanics, engineers, and other employees got a laugh when Tim told a story about being mesmerized by a plow driver who “magically” swerved around hundreds of mile markers while plowing. “I thought it was so cool, what a skill! I can’t drive like that.”

    Tim tells his “magic snow plow” story.

    The local McDonald’s team says “Thank You” to all the public employees who work day and night in the winter to keep our roads safe. Here’s to a Merry (and quiet) Christmas for all of you and your families!



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