May 4th County Commissioner’s meeting addresses ongoing ambulance concerns

(Lander, WY) – The Fremont County Commissioners convened for their regular meeting today, May 4th.

Items discussed were approvals of the Buffalo subdivision and Golden Willow subdivision lots 3 and 4 replats, a potential grant proposal for Drug Free Communities to be discusssed further at next week’s meeting, as well as public comments about the ongoing ambulance service situation.

Keith Janson, a concerned Shoshoni citizen, voiced his worries about rural areas affected by the lack of ambulance service.


“This district doesn’t have an ambulance, we used to, and I think it ought to come back. If someone’s 50 miles away, they aren’t going to make it. My wife’s health is ailing as she gets older. She needs an amulance service, what happens when she needs help?”

Janson also gave a first hand account of seeing AMR services unable to navigate rural backroads during the explosion fire in Shoshoni last week, addressing concern about ambulance services being relied upon that might not be familiar enough with rural areas.

“Have there been any public proposals?” Margaret Wells of the Upper Wind River Valley Ambulance Association asked.

“We’ve had some conversations, people are knocking on doors,” answered County Commissier Chairman Travis Becker. “But there are currently no concrete proposals. For now, we have to proceed as if the county is taking over the service.”

AMR, the county’s current ambulance provider, will see it’s 5 year lease end on June 30th, at which point Fremont County will take over providing the service if no other entities make a bid.


Chairman Becker noted that “the moment a concrete proposal presents itself, it will be made public.”

To read all of County 10’s coverage of the ambulance service situation, click here.

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