Many describe seeing “fireball” across Fremont County Saturday morning

    On Saturday, December 1st County 10 received several messages inquiring about a “loud boom” heard between 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.

    Messages from Shoshoni, Riverton, Lander, and in several other rural areas, all described a similar sound, around the same time frame.

    We posted the question to our Facebook page and had several dozen responses. Many people heard the sound, and several commented that it was loud enough to wake them up or even “rattle windows.”


    We also had many people reporting that they saw the sky “light up.” Many described seeing a “blue/green” sky through a layer of fog. All of the reports were during the same time frame.

    This week, members and volunteers from the American Meteorological Society have filed multiple reports about a “fireball” being seen over Fremont County.

    Nearly every report also describes the blue/green color.  Some of them describe hearing a “large thunderous sound” after seeing it in the sky.

    Within a few hours, before and after, of the Fremont County fireball report, several witnesses in Utah also described seeing a meteor-like burst of light across the early morning sky.


    It is difficult to confirm exactly what was heard Saturday morning, but this is one theory.



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