Man who walked on Old Faithful geyser gets ticketed [Video]

YouTube, Ashley Lemanski

According to Yellowstone National Park officials, the man who walked across Old Faithful and appeared to urinate in the geyser is getting a hefty citation.

In the latest video from the park to go viral, a Michigan tourist, Ashley Lemanski captured the man walking off of the boardwalk onto the geyser, at one point laying down near the boiling hot spring.


It did look like he tried to hike his pants at one point and then he proceeded to lay down and it looks like he tried to reach his hand down into the hole, I’m not sure. And then the scariest part, he stood up and you can see this in the video, he takes a couple steps to the left and he steps down into the hole a bit and then he very quickly steps out. And then he proceeds to walk off. Thank goodness nothing bad happened. – Lemanski told reporters

She told reporters with NBC Montana that as soon as he left the geyser area park rangers were waiting for him and escorted him into the back of an SUV.

County 10 reached out to Yellowstone National Park officials for a statement, but they are yet to respond. The Associated Press is reporting that the citation appears to be the man’s only punishment at this point.

In 2009, two Yellowstone park employees were fired after they were caught urinating on Old Faithful.