Maker Space 307 receives RIPPLE Award

    (Riverton, WY) – The Maker Space 307 received the 2023 RIPPLE Award on May 18 from the Wyoming State Rehabilitation Council.

    This award was presented to Coordinator David Maulik and Director Lorre Hoffman for their work with high school students with disabilities.

    The Maker Space 307 was nominated for the RIPPLE Award by Riverton Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Callie Davis.


    In her nomination letter, she shared that they have hosted five work experiences for high school students with disabilities since 2021.

    “They have opened their doors to students with little work experience, and have tailored their work duties specifically to the student’s interests,” Davis wrote. “For students interested in graphic design as a possible career choice, they were tasked with working on specific computer software to create community projects, while other students who expressed an interest in construction trades were tasked with using the 3-D printer or helping in the wood shop.”

    “In addition to working with students to explore their passions, Maker Space 307 also allows a job coach to be on-site to offer additional support and training. Job Coach Cindy Keele has been instrumental in assisting students with the more nuanced skills of employment, including the things that cannot necessarily be learned from a textbook or classroom.”

    Maulik highlighted the work Vocational Rehabilitation Division (DVR) has done, along with the important role Job Coach Cindy Keele has played in making this program possible at Maker Space 307.


    “We’re very appreciative to be part of the program,” Maulik said. “I think being able to work with DVR and the resources they have available and work with the job coach and the students as well has been really rewarding on its own, and then also to get recognized for it makes it even better.”

    You can learn more about Maker Space 307 here.


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