Lynette GreyBull comments on winning Democratic nomination for Wyoming’s U.S. House

    (Statewide) – Lynette GreyBull has released the following statement in regards to winning the Democratic nomination for Wyoming’s U.S. House.

    “I want to thank the voters of Wyoming, my amazing campaign team, the state Democratic Party and all the hard-working county parties, and especially Meghan Jensen, a true visionary in this great state.

    “If this primary season seemed exceptional to you, it’s because it was. Some national political leaders asked Wyoming Democrats to switch their party affiliation to save the GOP from itself. While I share their concern about extremism, the best way to safeguard against that threat is by defending the democratic system’s intrinsic values, and by supporting a candidate who will fight for everyone, not just the 1%. 


    “The myth that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is a dangerous lie that has cost lives and empowered toxic people. My Republican opponent has married herself to that lie and that campaign, and to the former president. Not surprisingly, her platform is as bad as her politics and have nothing to offer the hard-working people in this state. 

    “Our campaign takes a different approach – we begin by asking what people need, we listen to the communities, and we build bridges to get great things done. You can find our platform at We take care of each other and I look forward to talking to, listening to, the people all across the state in the coming days. 

    “In being selected by the voters in this great state of Wyoming, the impact is two-fold. I have the honor and privilege to walk through two worlds, one where I live and work amongst and for the people of Wyoming, and two where I walk and work amongst and for my people in which my ancestors did, and now for the seventh generations to follow. I carry a deep understanding of who I am and where I come from, I’m a full blooded Native American from the Northern Arapahoe Tribe and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 

    “The work ahead to build and create synergies with everyone is key and I look forward to forging new and stronger relationships at the  Tribal, County, State and Federal levels that create cooperation, mutual respect and trust. From environmental issues, public lands, water, our natural resources, energy, education, healthcare, law enforcement, housing, my commitment will be to address the real challenges facing our Native communities. The United States Government has trust responsibilities and treaty obligations that I intend to address and work on a better pathway to right the wrongs of the past of the Federal Government to pass strong legislation.”


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